Clutter.  Perfect storage solutions will not only help you beat this archenemy, 😉 – they may or may not occupy most of the area of the place, yet cabinets, boxes and shelves will have a great influence on your space.  It will depend on how you will creatively handle the arrangement.  Whether you want the style of your home to indulge in Mediterranean, vintage, country or sleek minimalism, there’s always an easy and right solution for you.


Each of us has specific needs.  From cutting the clutter to grouping like items and deciding where to keep things, let me help you get things stored up and organized with style.  Please enjoy my ideas, and let me know how they have helped you out, by leaving some remarks on my comment space below.

Decide What Needs Storing

Start by sorting your stuff into categories – like books, shoes, toys, decor pieces, etc.  Then find a storage solution for each category.  Go through your things and decide to get rid of what you don’t need.  Identify your must-keeps and those items you need to use most of the time be easily on-hand, and then arrange the rest into collections to throw out or give away.

While making sure there will be enough room for doors or drawers to open easily, creatively assess and measure your area before looking for storage pieces.

Maximize your space.  With storage being at a prime, start to get creative by looking up and below.  Is there a room above the bathroom door for a shelf?  Also, like- can these few inches beneath the kitchen cabinet accommodate a hidden drawer?   Put your home in order and create a process that will help you keep it that way.  Of course, set your style!

Storage –  A Key Part of the Decoration

Add personality by displaying on open shelves.  A chaotic shelf of books can make any room look messy.  So decide on how to arrange your book collection.  Assembling by size, color, texture or genre are the easiest and most effective ways to put them in order.  I myself do arrange my book collection by stacking them in a horizontal manner, with a piece of display above it.  A flower vase or any collection above it, make the look of it tidy and orderly.



Recycle, Restore, Reuse

Rethink scrap.  You don’t need to begin with a piece of complete furniture.  Look at ways of turning a selection of found materials into new pieces, like boards to make a bookshelf, shoe boxes and the like.  You may want to look for objects like crates and wooden pallettes.  They’re ideal for reworking into storage furniture, such as cabinets, open shelf for display or book case.

    Sometimes I like to keep wooden materials natural for a rustic look.  Leave the surface of the original material untouched or with a brush of light golden varnish to add personality and character in it.

Utilize the Free Spaces

Is there an empty area behind the door?  Wasted space under the basin or is there a room behind the bath panel?  Have fun and be creative.  Look around to spot some potential storage areas.  Empty spaces may need fashion solutions.  Built in storage drawers underneath a daybed is a great solution for stashing away bulky spare bedding.  You may also want to keep cupboards under the stairs.


Hold high with shelves.  The wall above a doorway could be an area that’s perfect to fill with bookshelves. Boxes under the bed are a great way to use an otherwise forgotten space.  Utilize the space under the bed.  Rather than one large box of drawer to keep on top of clutter, use smaller boxes, in a mix of shapes, sizes and patterns, and help create a laid back, casual feel, that may work well in an older child or a teenager’s bedroom.

Be clever.  Making use of otherwise wasted space is all about just being inventive!

Stash Small Items with Style

I find storing small stuff like my child’s toys and other more like clips, pens, hair accessories, in boxes easy to do.  Too much stuff around the house seem stressful at times.  Using boxes to keep these small items and stuff also makes cutting the clutter more simple and quick.  So reduce the clutter with appealing baskets, boxes and bins that likewise complement with the overall decorating scheme.


Enrich texture with boxes and baskets made with natural materials – such as wicker, rattan or seagrass.  They blend in with any color scheme and add layers of texture for attraction, too.  A useful way of introducing an accent shade or element of pattern without it taking over the rest of the room, is choosing a color or pattern for the containers.


Customize them by covering plain boxes with pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper.  Make fabric linings for baskets or try spray painting metal or rattan boxes.  So keep on top of clutter that’s accumulating on shelves by storing smaller items in attractive baskets or boxes.


A Well-Ordered Home

Being organized in your home is not easy.  It takes ample time, effort and energy.  But being neat and tidy around the house and keeping most of your things in their own place will not only make you feel calm and relaxed, but will also keep you and your family healthy – minus the dust and clutter.


Decorate and be organized at the same time.  Accessorize but be orderly in doing it.  Because no matter how you decorate your home, it will never look its best unless you get things stashed neatly away.


  1. Look like you are an angel giving me some help! Open shelves. I have never thought of that solution. See, I have almost a thousand books (some people think it’s a lot, but it’s nothing. I know somebody who has almost 8 thousands books). I have problem storing problems. Open shelves seem to be a perfect solution. I will try to stack them in a horizontal matter too. With a flower vase over it? Don’t know… Maybe a trinket, what do you think?

    1. Hi Jo!
      Been a while. A trinket would be just perfect!
      Glad I’ve been of great help to you, Jo. You seem to read a lot, that’s great!
      It’s just so nice to know I could help people come up to creative ideas like these.
      Hope you enjoy decorating your home and getting your books stored in a decorative manner.

      Have a great day!

  2. There is a timely post reminding everybody about being creative with your storage solution. I think I shall adapt some of these techniques to my home situation, as you cannot have enough space.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Antonio!
      Indeed, storage of most of our stuff in our house are sometimes taken for granted as simply piles of boxes and cabinets. It helps to keep them organized and still be a part of the decoration of just any part of a room in our homes.
      Thanks for adapting to these techniques.

      Good day!

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