Perhaps a way of showing one’s good taste in picking colors is through your wall paint.  Or just plainly revealing what defines your personality and style is another.  Whether you take a bold decorating approach by making big statements of color choices and patterns, or prefer viewing a calmer and more neutral space, is all up to you.

But don’t forget to do some planning when it comes to giving your space a brand new look.  You may want to think about the mood you want to create and see how much natural daylight does the room receive.

You may do the painting yourself, or have somebody, a house painter, do it for you.  This would cost you something but lesser workload on your part, is way much better worth the cost.


Have Fun with Color


Bring your home makeover to life.  And simply have fun!   Choosing from a wide variety of colors and shades and exploring different brands is what I enjoy most.

My husband and I preferred pastel shades for our wall paint, making it a warm cozy place to stay and relaxing after a long day of work.

But don’t stop at walls.  When thinking about adding color with paint, woodwork, including baseboards, moldings and even doors and frames can actually look more striking when painted in a slightly contrasting shade or given accent to the walls.




Making It Restful

One may prefer contrasting colors that stand out and demands immediate attention.  Others may prefer comfy neutrals and make the space feel calm and relaxed.  Read on below if you’d want to keep your room subtle for a calmer feel.

Paint rooms with well combined shades of gentle colors for a calm, soothing mood.  Leaving clear areas of space for both your walls and your surfaces – so that the overall look is not too cluttered (this will also allow your eye to rest.)  These spaces will also make any patterned items stand out.

Try to choose simple patterns while complementing shades.  Anything that looks too loud or busy will detract from the peaceful atmosphere.  Going all white if you’re yearning after a minimalist approach, creating a restful space is just fine.  Typically, bright white areas look simple and clean.  You also want to add warmth, like soft greens or pale wood tones, so your room doesn’t feel too bare.



          Finally, balance your use of color.  Areas of white or pale neutrals will give the other colors depth and cease them from dominating the space.  Certainly, use texture to add sophistication and layers of interest and style! (“,)


  1. I love the simplicity in the post but yet it offers a lot of great information. I have always been scared of colors on my walls and I always stick with white. However I do really like the color choices pictured in the photos. I really like the greenish color and I could see myself enjoying this color with some nice decor. Adding abstract colors like you talk about around windows etc, looks so appealing. I have never seen this done in this sort of way but it looks great and I might be open to trying this.

    1. You never know how much you made me
      grateful reading your comment, Alexandra.
      Will show you more of great looking photos in the
      future days to come!

      Try doing home decor, and express yourself and your
      style will just come out. You’ll enjoy it!
      I will be of great help for you through this site.


  2. Hi Elisha! Thank you for sharing your post!
    I really haven`t really been bold in choosing the color for my indoors. This coming spring, we are going to change the paint – so probably i will consider your recommendation.. any pastel colors most likely.
    All the best!

  3. Color combinations are very important to each room, to give it a good vibe. Many times I paint an accent wall a slightly darker color or have a something big on it. Over my couch in the living room I have several mirrors hanging in a staggered pattern. Paint color is very important for the mood of each room, it has to be a light color if you do not have a lot of windows.
    Do you like the idea of an accent wall in a room. I have been doing home updates for the last 45 years for myself, I like changing things up a bit from time to time.

    1. Hi, nice to hear those, John!
      I’m grateful to know you were working on these stuff, too.
      45 years would imply tons of knowledge and experience on decors. =)
      Yes, I like the idea. It brings life and color to your wall.

      See you around, John. =)

  4. I absolutely love your site. I’m always looking for new ideas to redo the rooms in my house seeing as I get bored with the look so easily. Maybe a new coat of paint is just what I need. Thanks for your input.

    1. Hi Jen!
      Changing the paint colors of our room once in a while would be fine.
      It will bring you some uplifting joy within you when things get done.
      I’m happy that I have given you an idea that you need.

      Thanks for the nice comment!

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