Deciding your home needs an update is one thing, but figuring out exactly what’s needed is quite another. Is it an expression of just a small adjustment here and there, or are you looking for a bigger, more involved project?

Home Decor and Style is loaded with all the ideas and inspiration you need to create your dream home, simply by transforming a room with paint, wallpaper, decors, storage, collections, furniture or flooring.

Explore gorgeous photos and advice on how to bring together spaces that express your personality and style, from adding a touch of elegance to a living room to creating a vintage kitchen that’s cozy and inviting. I’ll show you great techniques for picking accent colors, clever ideas for rearranging furniture and smart tips for showing off cool collections. Of course, with affiliate links where you can easily find stores where you could come by over online and shop. (“,)

Select a focal point for any room of your choice, and this will make the rest of your design choices easier. So read on, scroll, browse, shop, be inspired and get decorating!


Elisha, Home Decor and Style


  1. That is a nice touch of introduction. I like this site already by just reading this. I feel inspired by the words and by the fact that it touches on one of the things I want to explore more.

    1. Hello Raquel!

      Thanks for such a warm compliment. It’s nice to know home decor is one
      of the things you also like to explore. This is one of my passion!
      I love it when I inspire people. Nice to meet you here.


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